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M For Malaysia: The Story of a Sacrifice & Democracy Stability in Malaysia


The song of the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee is very true. When it comes to sacrifice, it is a way of showing love to someone. True and noble love comes from sacrifice of any kind, money, effort, time or even life.

These are the sacrifices of a husband to his wife, the sacrifice of a father to his son, the sacrifice of a grandfather to his grandson, and the sacrifice of a leader to his people.
The intention of sacrifice is one, wanting to fix the country, back again on its path.

The M For Malaysia documentary film is a testament to the unification of the Makaysian people. It proves that Malaysians are the best practitioners of democracy in the Asian region, even arguably among the best in the world. The fall of a 60-year-old government, was overthrown in a peaceful election by its own people. All because of Malaysian being ridiculed for lying and wanting to see a clean change in the government administration. The people are wiser to judge. With fast and easy access to information, today's generation is able to make right decisions fast about who is the best to be their leader.

Bersama AJK bahagian dan cawangan Bersatu Johor Bahru menonton M For Malaysia

After a long time we heard about "Cash is King", this time Malaysia saw when all kinds of promises were sown, all kinds of incentives given, all kinds of subsidies raised, it still couldn't afford to ger vote from the people. People's patience with lies and misconduct has its limits. All because too much of pride and proud - Najib and his associates, the consequence was total loss of 60 years ruling. With the confidence and spirit of the ninety-three-year-old statesman, he was able to recapture the country, unite all opposition parties who was before a tight-knit enemies, and rule for a second time again as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This is not a myth, we all feel the warmth of the night on the 9/5/2018, when we cheer for the victory as strong as Merdeka. That is the impact of a great statesman, Tun Dr Mahathir.

On the way to victory, the establishment of a new party has been the cornerstone of modern political era. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin began the process of establishing the Bersatu. All were convinced that the alliance would not be easily broken at that time because of its strong objective, against the BN. Together with Pakatan Harapan, flanked by Keadilan, Amanah and DAP, Pakatan Harapan has become more and more a coalition of parties that was once clearly hated by the 60-year-old government. It is based on ONE main objective to save MALAYSIA from the corrupt regime of Najib Razak and his rascal Jho Low. Pakatan Harapan is a true proof of the unity of the Ummah that it is now able to cooperate in the administration and become a line of ministers given the opportunity to govern. From the young minister in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to the Veterans in the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Prime Minister's Department, these are the leaders who have been trusted by the people, symbolizing the unity of the people of Malaysia.

The biggest service is to RAKYAT. Let's not forget who voted for us, do not forget who always cheered and supported our party, and let us not forget the RAKYAT who also sacrificed wealth and energy for the sake of Malaysia and their future grandchildren.

Importantly, we must never forget that the fate of the government is in the hands of the people. Because we uphold the right of DEMOCRACY, no power will ever exist if its not from the people. Use it well for the people.

The vanity must be destroyed, the truth must be revealed. Let's not be rash when we're on the right side.


In the end, M for Malaysia film teaches us the meaning of fighting spirit if we love our country. It also teaches that age and background is not a key factor in any endeavor. 93 does not mean an old age, it means full of experiences in the chest. Don't challenge yourself if you're not ready. Because the 93 is younger in the spirit of nation building.


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