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National Issue on PRK Tanjung Piai


1. Best experience going to every area where there is a strong support of Bersatu members. In Sabah and Sarawak, the majority are from UMNO parties moving to Bersatu. It is clear and simple, because of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad.

2. The second largest factor is the word 'Pribumi'. It is not only for Malays, but for all natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

3.Sarawak facing the state elections by 2021. Feedback from the people, they want the same changes that Malaysians enjoy at the federal level. Changing the state government that had been ruling for decades, but only a small group benefited. Sarawak still lags behind the states in the Peninsula.

4. The Tanjung Piai Johor by-election is important for PH and Sarawak's motivation as well. The national issue will dominate this parliamentary election. UMNO - PAS's political unity and the failure of the government to fulfill some of its manifestos will quickly topple this campaign.

5. PTPTN issues will certainly be turned into opposition capital. Especially for professionals and young people. The people do not receive efficient and fast information from the government party. The Ministry of Information is less functioning. So it's easy to be manipulated by slanderous sentiments by the opposition.

6. The manifesto for the actual PTPTN was to lift the ban to travel abroad (this was successfully implemented a week after the PH victory) and the second was to postpone the loan until the borrower received a minimum wage of RM4000. It never appears in PH's manifesto book to eliminate PTPTN debt.

7. The second manifesto could not be carried out because when the promise was made, there was insufficient data and access to evaluate whether or not the promise can be fulfilled. Yes, this is PH over promise. The BN government at the time, however, described only the ‘beautiful’ ones. So the hole of the debt is not known, until after PH holds the government. Now the promise is a burden takes time to fulfilled. This is a frustrating factor especially among PH's younger supporters. It is also a challenge for the PH youth machinery to campaign for voters.

8.PTPTN becomes the 'hot seat' for it leaders and administration. The average loan disbursement per student is estimated at RM23,000 until graduation. If PTPTN wants to follow the opposition's to eliminate debt, this means that every student who is to be discharged from the loan payment, we will have another three students who will be disappointed that they will not be able to continue their studies due to no fund from PTPTN. Not only the students will be disappointed and lost the opportunity for higher learning, but the parents of the students will be angry with the government.

9. This is the burden that PH inherited since 21 years of PTPTN was established. Now headed by its Chairman Wan Saiful Wan Jan. The previous operating model, which focused solely on lending without considering the long-term overall ecosystem to supplement the agency's revenue, has now become the country's number 1 debt after 1MDB. There was no attempt at 'sustainability' by the government before, but the culture was all that the government would guarantee. PTPTN has no money, borrowed from financial institutions that the government will guarantee. That easy. That was the previous PTPTN operating model. Therefore, debt and interest rates are rising and borne 100% by the government.

10.How can PTPTN get a financial source for lending? Simple, they also borrow. With 5% of banks offering interest rates, PTPTN charges only 1% as a student loan charge. 4% interest borne by the government.

11. Now PTPTN is changing the 'loan' operation pattern simply to more on 'savings'. The National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) shows the result of public awareness. The PTPTN team is now aggressively moving into every part of the country with state governments, political parties and NGOs joining for CSR programs of SSPN accounts to those in need. It motivates and builds a culture of saving for children's education, especially for the Pribumi.

12. Anyone can save on SSPN. More attractive than bank savings. Last year's dividend was high, up 4%. Higher than the Tabung Haji which is only 1% and LTAT 2%. The tax relief is given in the same amount if the savings in the SSPN reach RM8000. While saving on SSPN has just reach RM1000 in savings, depositors will receive a free takaful benefit. It is not deducted directly from the stored value. The takaful is provided free of charge. This is not the case with conventional insurance companies' savings takaful schemes, where the distribution of savings and insurance payments is divided into savings and takaful insurance.

13. In the last PRU13 (General Election) , BN and PAS also promised to eliminate PTPTN debt. At that time it might have been possible because the debt was only around RM20 billion. But it was not implemented by the government at that time. More recently, the PH government's inherited debt to PTPTN is RM40 billion. Debt interest rates are increasing.

14. Imagine the 1MDB case now taking over
more than a year now, and it's not over yet, but PTPTN it's about RM40 billion in debt! . Of course, it also takes time to resolve it, and at the same time the government does not want to restrict loan opportunities to the new students.

15. One more thing to think about, ask ourselves, is it fair for us to eliminate debtors who refuse to repay the loan. Pity those who are consistently repaying the loan. Of the 3 million borrowers, 2 million borrowers have had to repay their loans, 41% are consistent with paying off their debt. The rest, it's inconsistent or doesn't pay at all. Is it good for this to be a culture for Malaysians?

16.This is a new lesson for all political parties who want to make promises, to have the data first before making a manifesto. Every Malaysians need to change their attitude to become a progressive and honest society. We pay what we borrow, so more students can continue their studies, while PTPTN administration continues with the SSPN savings campaign. I believe PTPTN will be modeled by other countries to provide opportunities for their people for higher learning. PTPTN has a wealth of experience in this field, where Malaysia is one of the world's most educated countries compared to its neighbors.

17. Many recycle videos, now used by the opposition as weapons. There's a video of GE 13 being edited and going viral. Shouts of Syed Saddiq's promise to bring back our workers working in Singapore and Nurul Izzah for free education and PTPTN things are playing out. Propaganda is borderless and sometimes irresponsible by the opposition.

18.PH has failed to suppress these things on social media or mainstream media. No more cybertrooper volunteering for the government. Many of them turned their backs on the government. It's common in the world, people prefer to be anti-establishment. But when strong facts can be channeled, rejection to the government's aspirations can be reduced.

19.PRU15 starts now.


Bersatu Selamanya.


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