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CoronaVirus - what can we expect?


Now is the time to sacrifice. Friends & family gathering and many other things we do all the time, we have to limit, control it from the outbreak of the virus.
We should not take it for granted. Some have made this theory possible by the Chinese government in response to restricting their trade with the United States. Now the Donald Trump administration have huge challenge on their domestic economy and businesses. The pandemic destroyed job opportunities that he is trying to bring back. The mega companies which Trump planned to bring them back from overseas to the United States have been suspended. China is now safe because of their earlier control.

This virus is highly contagious and has killed many victims. Just like any other pandemic virus like ebola or H1N1. Although the majority are elderly who died because of the virus, those who had poor health track record and immune system, they should concern more. Regular baths, wash hands and making sure that you have no interaction with others are the best thing at this time

But we have all been tired of hearing all these. We have to live, make money, and meet people. Political and business activities require us to move and to meet. Our government also chooses to control the movement of the people. We have to obey. This is because there is no other alternative for us to tackle this outbreak.
Human history proves that we can overcome and overcome many challenges. With all kinds of epidemics and pandemics that have killed many people, from the beginning of mankind, including the world wars, and the severe recession, humanity has been able to rebuild and progress. Everything will be fine, only time will tell.

The concern of the business community like me is that there are more than 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises will go bankcrupt and will not be able to operate again if the government fails to address this problem more holistically. Big corporate and mega companies, they will remain. This is because the banks and governments are strong behind them. SME (small medium enterprise), small industry, day trader, night market trader, farmer market, retail store owner, car wash shop owner, tom yam shop owner, fishing shop owner, laundry shop operator, MARA arcade dealer, wedding planner, actor,actress, those film making behind the scenes guy, recreation centers and many other industries that many Malays involved, will be hit by a large financial impact. They have no EPF and SOCSO. There may be other savings somewhere.

The government must aware. The government administration that makes decisions at this time must be made up of scientists, physicians, economists, members of small and medium businesses, the head of the small Malay contractors and involvement of industry representatives of Malays. This is the main thing to pay attention to. Chinese retail owners, they have been taken care of by their landlord. For an example, Sunway Mall exempt their tenant from paying rent to mall premises that are predominantly Chinese. Malaysians, especially the Malays will not be able to survive more than 14 April 2020. They need the economy run immediately. It cannot be blocked for too long. What the people experience is not the same as the ministers level. The ministers still have all allowances, vehicles and workers ready for them, full pay of salary and free to move everywhere. But the ordinary citizen myst stay at home. People also lost their source of income. If it continues, I believe the people will be forced to disobey this movement control order. It is hoped that this comment will be thoroughly studied by all ministers. I recommend cutting a month's salary to all ministers, deputies, parliamentarians and assemblymen. Sacrifice with the people. Although it is comfortable for the ministers now with no criticisms of politicians or criticisms of the government, there is also no word of complaint from the opposition, the ministers should not be in the comfort zone. People are locked up. People are uncomfortable. Assistance and donations will not meet the needs of the business community. The approach should be holistic and should be reached immediately by real experts, not just politicians.

We as ordinary people, what should we do now ? Simple, we have to sleep 8 hours a day to keep our immune system strong. Do not sleep late at night and wake up long after dawn, as the body will not be healthy. Exercise 20 minutes at home, drink plenty of clean water.

For those who in business, now is the time to get closer with customers. Call them, phone, sms, email. All of our activities should be 'outflow', not 'inflow'. If we just keep receiving information, we become inactive, then we become helpless, panic, and negative. We need to function and contribute to our world. Not just accepting. Don't let the situation control us, but we control it.

Learn from human history, read or watch it on the YouTube. Humans have successfully overcome all the terrible challenges. We have to accept that the world is pressing the 'RESTART' button, like a computer. After that it will come back fresh and fast. At that time are we ready to move forward or do we just wake up from sleep to seek a new directions? This is an opportunity for us to move forward. God willing.

"For after the tribulation there is ease, verily after the difficulty there is ease." (Surah al-Insyirah: 5-6)

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