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Dr Maszlee - are you genuine or hypocrite ?

1. Dr. Maszlee resigned. After listening to the advice from the statesman Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad.

2. I have only known him since the first day of the election. Bersatu Johor Bahru can be said have a close relationship to Dr Maszlee. He regularly visits Johor Bahru, whether for kenduri, important events and also serves the Johor Bahru Bersatu leaders in his office at Putrajaya.

3. Bersatu Johor Bahru is synonymous with him. Two of his special officers (Pegawai Khas) came from Bersatu Johor Bahru. Mrs. Hajah Azlinda (Higher Education Affairs) is also a Member of the Bersatu Supreme Council and Jailani Yusuf (Teacher and education affairs) of the former Johor Bahru Armada.

4. Johor Bahru Division Head Cikgu Zais Akil and Vice Division Head Datuk Jemale Paiman were also educators close to Dr Maszlee. They exchange ideas and arguments and also getting support from Dr Maszlee on few education teacher events.

5. As an individual, Dr Maszlee is friendly and kind leader.

6. As a Cabinet Minister appointed on the platform of a political party, only his boss a.k.a the Prime Minister knows about his performance. We are just from the 'outside'.

7. The Prime Minister advises him to resign. Dr Maszlee himself admitted that he was seen to be causing a lot of crises to the leadership, especially on Jawi writing, school internet, free breakfast, and not to mention the fact that Dr Maszlee did not help the Bersatu Division Heads and businessmen who supported Bersatu.

8. Dr Maszlee is also a victim of the current policy of media openness and freedom which is not enjoyed during BN era. Anyone can criticize the government and ministers now. It's a trend. On the contrary, since yesterday many have been sympathetic and some have praised Dr Maszlee, even though the same voice has criticized his policies previously. So Malaysians, especially the Malays, they do not have a consistent attitude. Most of them are emotionally reaction as always.

9. For the Chinese, they chose to be silent. Whether they like Dr Maszlee's departure, or whether they fear of the government's 'next' response to their organization and their demands due to Dr Maszlee departure. But obviously, the Chinese have always disliked Dr Maszlee. No sympathy or praise. Not hypocrite.

10. We must believe in every action of the Prime Minister who has won many 'battles'. He lived longer and looked farther. We are the ones who request him back to lead the country. It wasn't he who came calling for the Prime Minister. Now it seems we are the ones who want to teach Tun Mahathir to govern the country.

11. In order to keep Pakatan Harapan and the government intact, undivided support must be given to the Prime Minister to determine which are the priorities for the country. Dr Maszlee also expressed loyalty to the party and the Prime Minister.

12. Economy, national debt, job opportunities, house prices, investment attractiveness are key factors for the country to be strong by Vision 2030. Vision 2020 has been crushed in two decades due to BN's weak leadership and corruption. The priority must be right.

13. Net Profit of Hajj Fund (Tabung Haji) improved in July 2019 with a net profit of RM1.8 billion. There is no political appointed like previous BN TH Chairman. Palm oil prices jumped to RM3000 per tonne, highest in history. National debt was also reduced, in May last year from RM1 trillion to RM800 billion. There are no more multi-billion-dollar loans where government is a guarantor like in the 1MDB era, which is now putting the country in a huge debt crisis. Certainly it is better now that the country's GDP is higher than debt. There are many more and these are at our fingertips if we want to find through media or internet, read, but the media does not serve them so widely or our people prefer bad news because it is much more sensational.

14. We must move on, move forward to become a developed nation by 2030. InsyaAllah we must achieve it. Every Malaysian has a role to play.

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